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Company Profile

Founded in Feb-2018, JAC is located in Tamil Nadu, India. JAC is new trading partnership company and concentrates on development of rural people in Tamil Nadu. The JAC group contains six people who have the same vision and are working closely to achieve the rural development.

Our team has 10+ years of experience in share market and 14+ years of experience in developing software applications. The team had studied and completed 100+ researches on fundamental and technical analysis of share market and then developed many successful strategies that helped our share holders, investors and many individuals to make the desired profit in share market.

Our product - our team had successfully developed and launced JACFin App which has been used by multiple share market experts and many individuals because this web application generates high returns every quarter.


Anand Selvam

Having 14+ years of IT experience and 6+ years of experience in trading strategy development. Worked for 7 software companies and contributed my knowledge and IT experience to 50+ software projects as a software engineer, project lead and project manager. Now, Founder and CEO of JAC.

Thirunavukkarasu Duraisamy

Having 9+ years of Share Market experience. He worked as a consultant in Gold Mine Traders and trained 25+ traders who make thousands of rupees daily from trading. He is working as a Consultant in JAC from Mar-2018.


Jeevitha Venkataraman

Master in Physics. Having 1+ years of experience in trading. Worked as a school teacher.

Chandrasekar Manokaran

Master in Zoology. 6+ years of Share Market experience. Worked for 5 various educational institutions as a school teacher last 10+ years. Many of his students are studying medical science now.

Preetha Juno

Master in Computer Application. Having 10+ years of IT experience. Worked for multiple software companies and developed 25+ software projects/applications.

Ambika Selvam

Master in Computer Science. Having 1+ years experience in IT. Worked as a school teacher.