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Trading Tips

Trend is friend, so follow the market trend.
Select stocks equal with the current Trend.
Know Risk-Reward-Ratio before placing any new order.
Sit quitly until the price reaches target/stop-loss.
Do not over-trade and do not trade with over-confident.
Do not be Greedy. Have Emotions under your control.

About us

Our team has 10+ years of experience in share market and 14+ years of experience in developing software applications. The team had studied and completed 100+ researches on fundamental and technical analysis of share market and then developed many successful strategies that helped our share holders, investors and many individuals to make the desired profit in share market.

Investment Tips

Create wealth easily through diversified long term investments plan. Time matters.
Study the market, ecconomy and company details thoroughly before investing.
Diversify your investment in various sectors to manage your money well. Backup cash is always important to avoid fiscal deficit / bankruptcy.
Re-investment will make you to achieve your financial target/goal quickly.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision - Rural Financial Development
Our Mission - The rural people must be filled with their basic desire
Core Values - Innovation, Commitment, Support, Learn and Grow Together

We work towards improving the quality of rural people life by using the latest technologies.

News & Events

The app training had been given to our customers, who are using Zerodha trading system, on 20-Apr-2021.
New website had been launched on 19-Apr-2021.
We are able to add the 7th customer on 14-Apr-2021.


JACApp gives me confident to do day trading easily because the stock selection is amazing. It is working like a magical tool.
It helped me to improve my trading knowledge, saved my trading time and reduced my pressure during trading period. I trust this App completely that helps me for learn and do day trading.